Precautions for saxophone playing2 Precautions for saxophone playing2

Precautions for saxophone playing

1. Beat time with your body

Dr. Mauk believes that the whole body can’t do anything bigger than beat time with big toes. A very common one is’ chicken elbow ‘, that is, when playing, stir up two arms. The movement of such large muscles will affect the movement of small finger muscles, thus slowing down the dexterity of fingers. Stop these big moves, and many phrases can be completed.

2. Excessive breathing

Don’t breathe at every pause. Too much breathing can break phrases and cause breathing problems. It is equally important to arrange the breath and blow the right note and rhythm.

3. Start hastily

The correct starting steps for saxophone playing are: pressing the key, inhaling, mouth shape, tongue position, using qi, and imagining the utterance in consciousness (the beginning of this pair of sounds is the most important). But bad players like to do all these things at the last moment before pronunciation, and the results can be imagined

4. Strange and illogical body movements

It is normal for the body to move with the music when playing. The music is still and the body is still, while the music is moving and the body is moving. But many people are very unreasonable. They use video cameras to take pictures of their performances and look at themselves.

5. Excess noise

Excess noises include: loud breath sound, the sound of cleaning mouthpiece saliva, loud button sound, and ‘hiss’ sound before spitting. Most of these are not technical problems. A little attention can avoid these noises.

6. Do not look forward when you do not need to look at the spectrum;

7. Fingers move constantly due to nervousness;

8. Lift your shoulders from time to time;

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