Olds Trombone: A Journey Through Time with a Timeless Instrument

The Olds Trombone is a cherished piece of musical history that has inspired musicians and captivated audiences for decades. Known for its exceptional craftsmanship, rich tone, and remarkable playability, the Olds Trombone has earned its place as a classic instrument among trombone enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the fascinating story of the Olds Trombone, its unique features, and the legacy it has left in the world of brass instruments.

The Birth of the Olds Trombone: F.E. Olds & Son

F.E. Olds & Son was an American brass instrument manufacturing company founded by Frank Ellsworth Olds in 1908. Initially located in Los Angeles, California, the company would later move to Fullerton in 1956. Olds was a skilled craftsman and had a vision to create high-quality, reliable instruments that would stand the test of time.

It was under his guidance that the Olds Trombone was born. The Olds Trombone was first introduced in the 1920s and quickly gained a reputation for its superior craftsmanship and performance. Over the years, the company produced various models of the Olds Trombone, each with its unique features and characteristics.

Notable Models and Features of the Olds Trombone

Some of the most popular Olds Trombone models include the Super, Studio, and Ambassador series. These models were known for their distinct design elements, such as the balanced weight distribution and the bell flare, which contributed to the instrument’s exceptional playability and sound.

The Olds Trombone also featured a nickel silver outer slide, which provided a smooth and quick slide action. This feature was particularly appealing to professional musicians and helped to establish the Olds Trombone as a favorite among trombonists.

The Legacy of the Olds Trombone

Despite the closure of F.E. Olds & Son in 1979, the Olds Trombone continues to be sought after by musicians and collectors alike. The instrument’s high-quality craftsmanship, rich sound, and ease of playability have made it a beloved classic in the trombone world.

Many professional musicians, including notable trombonists such as Frank Rosolino and Urbie Green, have played Olds Trombones during their careers, further cementing the instrument’s place in musical history. Today, vintage Olds Trombones can be found in the hands of enthusiastic players, as well as displayed in museums and private collections.

In conclusion, the Olds Trombone remains a symbol of American craftsmanship and a testament to the enduring appeal of a well-made instrument. Its rich history and the passion of those who continue to play and cherish these trombones serve as a reminder of the lasting impact the Olds Trombone has had on the world of brass instruments.


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